South Bethany Announces Schedule for Algae Harvesting in Canals

SOUTH BETHANY, Del. - There is a big algae problem in the South Bethany canals and this isn't the first year.

The town of South Bethany has announced May 1 through May 5 is when the canals will be cleaned. 

The town is paying an outside company to harvest the algae. This project was supposed to start in April but town council member Tim Shaw said there wasn't a major need just yet.

"The algae hasn't developed very much in fact, we're only now seeing enough algae to make it reasonable to have the harvesting company come in and start doing the cleaning," Shaw said.

The algae growth has been an annual problem in South Bethany but one local, Ron Lamberson said he has seen an improvement this year. 

"Well, this year is dramatically less the last 6 to 8 years it's been almost 70 to 80% covered" Robertson said.

"This year the algae growth is probably less than 10%," he said.

The town said after the initial algae clean up, they will wait a few weeks to see if more algae grows. If more algae comes up, they will have the harvesting company come back and clean another week.