South Bethany Starts Algae Harvesting This Week

SOUTH BETHANY, Del. -  South Bethany has an algae overflow issue in its canals and this week they are starting spring cleaning.

The town of South Bethany hired an independent harvesting company to clean the canals with the help of DNREC dumping the waste at its state owned dumping site. 

The overflow of algae in the canals isn't a new issue but still a nuisance. One local Carol Cappola said, "It grows up to the surface and it floats to the top. Cappola said. The people with boats worry about it getting tangled up in your propeller, it's just it's not pleasant to look at."

Some people in town have said they're happy with this process is starting while others say they think there are other ways to do algae removal like using eco-friendly chemicals to kill the algae or dredging the canals.

But people who use the canals regularly say the town needs to do whatever it takes to clean up the algae before it get's out of hand. 

Tom Peralta who lives and boats in South Bethany said the algae effects boaters in ways you wouldn't think. 

"It gets a little messy sometimes, people's boats stall out and they have to drift close to your boat and it gets you a little frightening," Peralta said. "It's just not great for the environment to have the algae in the canals," he said.

After this weeks cleaning, the town will wait a few weeks to see if more algae grows back to determine if the harvesting company needs to harvest again.