Umbrellas Take Flight In South Bethany

BETHANY, Md.-A calm day on the beach turned to chaos with umbrellas taking flight during Friday's storm. 

Beach-goers scattered to avoid the rogue umbrellas in Sea Colony. G. Mark Kokosko said he had left the beach early to avoid the storm, but others weren't so lucky. 

"It went from very short and sweet to terrible really quickly. It was wild," Kokosko said. 

In North Bethany, there were no reports of umbrellas flying. 

Those who rent them, say depth is key to making sure they stay put. 

"The umbrellas are our main priority because we don't want them flying up. So we make sure they are in deep," Caroline Zuleba, employee of Steen's Beach Rentals, said. 

Steens said its management is constantly checking the forecast, and if it is too rough, the umbrellas are brought in.

While Steens got ahead of the storm, Kokosko said, at Sea Colony, umbrellas flew left and right. However, there were no reported injuries.

Sea Colony declined a request to comment on the situation. 

The flying umbrellas are something Kokosko won't forget. 

"Literally it was like a domino effect...Just one after one," Kokosko said. 

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