Driver reactions to new all-way stop signs at Harbeson Road, Chestnut Street, and Shingle Point Road

MILTON, Del. - The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) converted the intersection of Shingle Point Road, Harbeson Road, and Chestnut Street in Milton into an all-way stop. 

Previously, stop signs were placed where Shingle Point Road met Harbeson Road and where Chestnut Street met Harbeson Road. Under the new plan, DelDOT added two additional stop signs on Harbeson Road in both directions, transforming the intersection into an all-way stop.

According to DelDOT, there were nine crashes at the intersection between June 2020 and June 2023. In four of these incidents, the contributing factor was either a passed stop sign or a disregarded traffic signal. Additionally, an inability to see vehicles heading southbound was cited in five of the crash reports. DelDOT also revealed that the approaches to the intersection did not meet the required sight distances.

Lucinda Cashmanian, who lives right next to the intersection, says not all drivers are abiding by the stop signs.

"I think initially you have to be very careful, people are getting used to it, and I'm certainly going to stop and look every way, even if I am the first one there, just to make sure no one is going to go through it," explained Cashmanian.

Craig Kerns, who rides his bike around Milton every day, says this change was needed as more people move to and visit the area.

"There's a lot of out-of-towners that come in, and they don't realize that the speed limit is 35, 25, and they're constantly doing 40 miles an hour, which is really crazy, so it's good to slow them down," said Kerns.

DelDOT’s intention was to have the all-way stop operational before kids went back to school in the fall, so the stops began in the spring or early summer.