People Dressed as Clowns Scare Neighbors in Salisbury

People Dressed as Clowns Scare Neighbors in Salisbury

(SALISBURY, Md.) - It's no laughing matter. Salisbury Police say people who are dressing as clowns are terrorizing a Salisbury neighborhood.

Police say the first incident happened near the 1000 block of Fairground Drive around midnight on Sept. 25, 2016. Another incident was reported that same night just after 3:30 a.m.

Officers met with the callers who stated they observed people dressed as clowns hiding in bushes and jumping out to scare people.

Further investigation revealed that the callers observed 3 different individuals dressed as clowns. All three were reported to be wearing clown masks with orange and blue hair. One clown was wearing a black suit and the other two clowns were wearing white suits.

Officers immediately began a thorough search of the area, but were not able to locate the clowns.

The Salisbury Police Department will continue frequent patrol checks of this area, as well as the surrounding vicinity in an effort to locate and identify the clowns.

While dressing like a clown in of itself is not necessarily illegal, hiding in bushes or wooded areas with the intent of scaring citizens is a dangerous situation and can lead to unintended consequences.

The Salisbury Police Department is asking all members of our community to refrain from such behavior. As this national prank continues to grow, the Salisbury Police Department strongly discourages anyone copying such behavior in an effort to avoid a potentially dangerous encounter.

Anyone with information concerning these clown sightings is asked to contact Crime Solvers at 410-548-1776 or the Salisbury Police Department at 410-548-3165.