REHOBOTH BEACH, Del - 14 solar-powered compacting trash containers made their debut this week in Rehoboth Beach.  They can be found along Baltimore Avenue, Wilmington Avenue, and First Street.  The city purchased the containers from Bigbelly, a company that specializes in waste management and recycling.  The cost to the city is $134,000 that will be paid out over the next five years.  Where Rehoboth anticipates a return on investment is a decrease in the manpower to collect the trash thanks to Bigbelly's 150 gallon capacity which is five times the size of a container that does not have a compactor.  
The door on the container is supposed to keep trash from blowing onto the streets.  Less debris should mean less labor to collect it.  Another feature is a foot operated lever that would take away the need for people to use their hands to open the Bigbelly.  Rehoboth Beach plans to place new containers at Grove Park and Stockley Street Park.