FRUITLAND, Md.- The Wicomico County community is coming together to help a man who has dedicated his life to helping them.

Twenty-two year old Spencer Wiersberg is a Fruitland Police Officer and was recently diagnosed with a form of bone cancer. He's currently battling the disease at Johns Hopkins, but the second he was diagnosed, his coworkers stepped up.

"Initially a lot of officers went ahead and donated some of their sick leave to him to make sure he's still getting a paycheck, stays on healthcare," explains Dan Holland. "He doesn't have to worry about his bills."

Wiersberg's family started a Facebook page called Wiersberg Warriors where anyone interested in fundraising efforts or offering messages of support can get involved. Wiersberg's uncle says the community's reaction has been incredible.

"The one thing the family is having difficulty with him at the hospital is he is drugged, falling asleep and will not give up his phone," explains Brian Waller. "He is on social media and reading everything people are posting about him and everything people are doing for him and that's what's keeping him going."

Doctors say Wiersberg will be in chemotherapy treatments for the next six to nine months.