(BERLIN, Md.) - Berlin wants all hands on deck when it comes to suggestions on how to improve mobility for people driving, biking or walking around town.

The town is calling for consultants to help study mobility in area.

Parking, wherever people can find it, proves to still be one of the most pressing challenges for the town.

But according to Petty Jeans clothing boutique owner Megan Cosman, it isn't as limited as many might think.

"I think if people were aware of the outside parking situation, like Stephen Decatur park and the church lots and we freed up some of the closer parking for people who have a bit more struggle getting a place to a park, that would be most helpful. And it's really only a two minute walk," said Cosman Wednesday afternoon at her store downtown.

Limited sidewalks in certain areas and a shortage of designated bike lanes are just some of the other mobility challenges the town has identified as top priorities, but more input is needed.

"I like that Berlin parking is free. It should stay free so that people want to come and visit," said Aylssa Maloof, a Philadelphia native who recently moved to the small town.

"It's always a nuisance to keep changing the machines. I know in Philadelphia, there's always quarters and I have to keep changing the machines and now it's on an app. And it just gets too complicated, messy and expensive."

Maloof said Berlin has its congestion challenges but there are many upsides to driving into downtown.

"You can walk to the little grocery store, you can walk to the coffee shop which is what I like about my neighborhood in Philly. But sometimes I do have to park in downtown Berlin and it is a little big congested with some of the tourists coming in on rainy days or weekends," Maloof said.

Consulting firms interested in studying the town's mobility and parking landscape should submit a request for proposal by mail before 3pm on Tuesday, Jul. 31.

For more information about the request for proposal, visit https://berlinmd.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Mobility-and-Parking-RFQ-Final-1.pdf.