(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - Ocean City is planning to keep boardwalk visitors safe from terrorist attacks on a budget.

New figures for the boardwalk access control project estimate a cost much higher than the town anticipated.

At a recent town meeting, City Engineer Terry McGean said the original one million dollar project cost was grossly underestimated.

The total cost of the project will likely be a little over four million dollars, if the original design proposal is accepted.

The higher costs come from how expansive the project will be throughout town, with barrier systems installed at over 20 access points on the boardwalk, as well as the kind of materials to be used.

The city engineer said the cost of the project could be lowered by reducing the number of gates installed and focusing less on aesthetically-pleasing materials.

The security project was first introduced earlier this year as a preventative measure against any potential terrorist attacks.

People at the boardwalk Wednesday afternoon said even though nothing tragic has never happened in Ocean City, being proactive can be a life-saver.

"I think in this day and time, we all need to think about that, our measures of security and keeping people safe," said David Quinn.

Others said it's a different world today than the one they grew up in.

"I don't understand why people are so different now than they were in the 70s and 80s. We didn't have people going around trying to kill as many people as they could," said Patricia Shew of Ocean Pines.

"I'm all for as much safety as they can put up here because as you can see, every week we get 300,000-450,000 of our closest friends down here and that's a lot of people."

No matter the final cost, the town expects to have the boardwalk access control project complete by summer 2019.