(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - Each summer more and more vacationers come to Ocean City. Important personal belongings can easily be misplaced as a busy week of plans becomes distracting. Petty theft is also bound to happen and the Ocean City Police Department wants to ensure that everyone knows that finders does not mean keepers.

A woman vacationing in Ocean City for the week made a purchase at Old Salt Resort Wear and left her wallet on the counter. She had laid it on the counter to sign the receipt for her credit card purchase only to forget to pick it back up again. She didn't notice it was missing until the very next morning.

Surveillance video revealed that the next customer took the wallet off the counter and handed it to her son. Staff at Old Salt took initiative and immediately reported this to the Ocean City Police Department. They believe in assisting customers even after the sale.

Taking someone's wallet causes them to lose more than just money. This woman had her license, medical cards, and other personal items in hers.

According to an OCPD report, the number of incidents of larcency or theft averages around 1,000 per year in a 5 year period with most occurring in June, July, and August.

The Ocean City Police Department advises shoppers and vacationers alike to make sure they keep everything safe. The bigger message is for people to not take property that isn't theirs. If you do find a wallet, either call here at the police or return it back to the owner if you know who they are.

OCPD has confirmed that the woman who took the wallet has shipped it to them to be returned to its owner. This is exactly what police are hoping for in cases like this.