(ANNAPOLIS, Md.) - Governor Larry Hogan has announced his historic campaign for re-election in Annapolis.

The Governor told his supporters in response to cause for four more years, "Let me get to that. I want to get to the good work we've done for Maryland so far."

In his speech, he said, "We went from losing 100,000 jobs to gaining 100,000 jobs. More businesses have been opened and more people are working than every before in the history of our state."

The Governor told WRDE why he wants to continue doing good work for the Eastern Shore: "When I was running for Governor 4 years ago, I promised the folks on the Eastern Shore that no longer would they be forgotten or forgotten or ignored that we were going to spend more time and pay more attention and we've been over there building roads and schools. I've spent more time on the shore than any governor unless they lived on the shore."

Lieutenant Boyd Rutherford told WRDE about their strong ties during their administration to the Eastern Shore: "We love the Eastern Shore. We love everyone out there and as the Governor said, we have not forgotten rural Maryland, we have not forgotten the Eastern Shore. I was just down there two days ago. I was in Easton. They have friends in the State House."

His speech noted that: "When we had lost businesses and jobs and had unemployment twice what it is today more than twice what it is today. So that's what this is all about to continue to work hard and change Maryland for the better."

With 149 days to go until election day in November, this is one of the marquee races in Maryland that WRDE will be covering.