(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - Hurricane season starts on June 1st. With the first storm, Alberto, already striking the gulf coast this past weekend, local emergency managers are emphasizing some key safety tips.

Delmarva Power and other local emergency managers unite at the 2018 State Emergency Management Association Conference with updates for how they're combatting storms and ensuring safety this summer. Vendors include generator suppliers, radio suppliers, FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and other partners.

Ocean City hosts about 8.5 million visitors each year. These vacationers don't necessarily take into consideration the emergency situations that could occur. The mission is to prepare them for changing temperatures and the weather that comes along with it. Changing summer temperatures doesn't just increase the demand for electricity, it also creates summer storms.

Delmarva Power spends $428 million each year to maintain and modernize the local energy grid and respond to power outages as quickly as it can. Energy consumers can decrease their use to save money and power, but they also need to be equipped in case a storm strikes and leaves them unable to use it at all.

The most effective way to prepare for a storm is to stay informed and always have an emergency plan if the power goes out. Emergency management leaders advise that everyone in the coastal area know their evacuation route to get to higher ground and out of the path of a storm.