(SALISBURY, Md.) - There are only 32 horses left remaining at this farm in Quantico, Maryland, after about 100 animals were rescued.

The Wicomico County Sheriff's office says the horses were neglected at the farm belonging to the Pilchards, and believe the conditions may have caused the death of 25 horses which were found.

"They were atrocious they were despicable," Sheriff Michael Lewis said.

Officials have known about the pilchards neglect for years. Wicomico County authorities visited the 150-acre farm 81 times in five years, but the only charge Barbara Pilchard was ever convicted of was illegal dumping.

"Existing laws, statutes and ordinances in 2015 failed to address these chronic concerns that we've seen on the Pilchards farm," said Jamie Dykes, county state attorney.

But authorities hope tougher laws will help put an end to what many call horrendous animal care.

"Those animals were standing in feces. They were standing in manure. In some locations, it was 18 inches deep," Lewis added.

Officials believe the carelessness also extended onto the Pilchard's home.

"There was sodding ripped off the back of the house. Whether those horse at the aluminum sodding or not, I don't know," said Lewis.

Three of the horses rescued have been euthanized.

Officials say it could be weeks or months before we know what actually happened to the horses and what if any criminal charges there will be.

If you would like to donate to help the rescued horses you can reach out the Wicomico County Humane Society.