(SALISBURY, Md.) - Peninsula Alternative Health opened today on Snow Hill Road in Salisbury. It is the first medical marijuana dispensary in town. It believes they are the best option for dealing with pain.

"A lot of our patients are not getting are not getting the relief they are looking for from traditional pharmaceuticals like opioids and other types of pain management for chronic pain patients and they're looking for alternative therapy like cannabis," said Anthony Darby, the company's CEO.

The peninsula staff met with people interested in learning more about cannabis, like Anna Scovell, who works with patients dealing with Parkinson's disease.

"They have chronic pain. It's a neurological disorder and we're always looking for ways to manage that pain," Scovell said.

With the opioids addiction crisis happening in our area and across the nation, patients and peninsula think medical marijuana is the much safer alternative.

"We see a lot of folks taking pills to chase the side effects of other pills that they take. Next thing you know they're taking six pills to fix one problem," Darby added.

Peninsula says it was a three-year process of planning and getting approvals to finally get this place open.

"Giving patients the medical cannabis that they need."

Peninsula Alternative Health normal hours will be 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.