(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - A newer, more efficient parking meter system may be coming to Ocean City by summer 2018.

The town is considering going paperless when it comes to its parking meters.

"The machine prints out a ticket that you put on your dashboard. And there's a guy who constantly checks if you have it. If not,you get a $25 fine," described Aliyah Santana, a year-round Ocean City resident and sometimes frustrated Ocean City driver.

The old pay-by-display parking system could be on its way out as the town instead wants to invest in a pay-by-plate system, one that would use license plates to pay for parking.

Communications Director Jessica Waters said there would be perks to going with pay-by-plate.

"If you wanted to move your car, you'd actually have the ability to do so," said Waters. "It's a much more efficient form of technology. It's really a better and easier, more efficient way to park in Ocean City."

So if you pay for an hour to visit the beach but decide to head to a restaurant elsewhere after 15 minutes, you'll still have those 45 minutes to use with the pay-by-plate meters.

"I'd rather have that," said Santana, "I think it's a cool idea actually."

The new parking meters would replace all of the existing ones downtown at every municipal parking lot except the inlet.

The town council will vote on how to proceed at its regular meeting next week.

"We hope they continue with the process and we can sign a contract by the end of this month," said Waters.

The cost of the new meters will be between $400,000 - $600,000 dollars coming from the town's general fund.