(SALISBURY, Md.) - "The German club is the longest running club at Salisbury University and Oktoberfest is the longest running student event," says Charles Overholt, German Club advisor and instructor of German 101.

Freshman Mecesdes Sheets is familiar with the German culture, and she's dressed for the occasion.

"I spent 17 days in Germany, and half of that was with a host family, so I was required to speak German for the time that I was there," she tells WRDE. Sheets is wearing a dirndl, which is traditional clothing for a German woman that she purchased while she was in Germany.

Oktoberfest at Salisbury University is open to the public. There are games, traditional German food, and beer for people 21 and older. People have the opportunity to win prizes and students can win a free semester of books.

Money raised during Oktoberfest 2017 will go towards Oktoberfest 2018.