Parked car that was picked up by wind. Crew comes to remove the car. People look at damage once storm passes.(Photo courtesy of Melissa Cullen)

Delmarva has dangerous weather Monday, August 7, 2017. Some areas had tornado warnings. A tornado is an aggressive column of air that comes from a storm.

A tornado hit the City of Salisbury. A witness tells WRDE it lasted for about 20 seconds. During this time frame two parked cars were overturned by wind, tree branches were broken, and a gas station was damaged. It still rained after the tornado passed.

Mike Scott says he saw the tornado damage on Facebook. "I couldn't believe it, I never, never saw a tornado or heard of one in Salisbury" Scott tells WRDE.

Scott also says that the roads are slick.

Melissa Cullen, who works at a store in Salisbury, says the tornado made the store windows shake and blew the door open.

Though the tornado did not hit Rehoboth or Bethany, the areas had rain from the storm the tornado came from.

This rain caused these towns to have some flooding.