(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - Parents face a number of challenges when vacationing with children but there is one struggle many parents can relate to: picky eaters.

In Ocean City, a popular vacation destination for families, some parents say their children dominate where the family will eat out.

"Ocean City is great, there's a ton of options but we can seem to agree on what's going to make everyone happy," said Angie Fuerer who was vacationing in town with her husband and their twin daughters.

"When we're at restaurants, these kids want adult menu items because they can't quite find what they like on the kids menu so it can be a challenge and expensive," Fuerer added.

"One's picky and the other two aren't," said Jami Simoax of Wilkes-Barre who was traveling with her three children and husband. "My son likes to eat chicken fingers or burgers so wherever there's a place that has them that's where we have to go."

And if the finest restaurants in Ocean City can't satisfy the refined palates of these young kids, what's a parent to do?

Fager's Island came up with a solution. Sort of. While the tastes of picky eaters may be a challenging task for any restaurant or parent, Fager's Island is at least serving up good humor.

The bay front restaurant recently revamped its kids menu to commiserate with parents letting them know they understand just how real the struggle is when it comes to satisfying everyone.

New menu item names include the "I Don't Know" peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the "I'm Not Hungry" chicken tenders basket and the "I Don't Want That" order of fries.

Restaurant staff said the kids menu was actually reworked a few months ago but only recently caught on with customers. Now the menu has gone viral on social media.

"It actually adds a little humor because I think we all know how challenging it can be so we can all laugh about it and they can say it," said Fuerer as she and her twin daughters giggled at the new menu.

So while Fager's is charging around seven dollars for the kids chicken tenders bucket, the side of a good laugh is free.