(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - How would you like an extra $15,000 just to catch a fish?

Well, if you are in Ocean City and sang the first white marlin of the season, you can win up to 15 grand.

"That's been a dream for me actually to tell you the truth. If I get the first marlin... 15-hundred? 15-thousand? 15-thousand. My wife would take it all but I'm good," said a visitor from Washington DC.

5,000 of the prize money is being provided by the town of Ocean City. It will be matched by an outside coalition. An additional 5,000 is up for grabs if you are a part of the Ocean City Marlin Club.

"The $5,000 prize for whoever catches the first white marlin it's a tradition that's been happening in Ocean City for decades," said Jessica Waters, Ocean City town representative.

But why the white marlin out of all the fishes in the sea?

Two local fishermen said,"Ocean City is the white marlin capital of the world." "It's a beautiful fish. The fight, the game, the play, the pull."

The prize offering is an example of how fishing is a way of life in the town.

"There's nothing better than being next to nature, watching life go through its cycles. It's awesome," said one fisherman.

One fisherman from Baltimore said, "Just coming out to fish. I have my two friends with me. Just coming out, having a good time. You never know what you are going to catch."

Not only is fishing a big tool of relaxation for residents, it also provides a big boost to the economy.

"Our fishing community is a big part of Ocean City, not only our residents but the tourism industry. A lot of people come to Ocean City for the purpose of fishing," Waters said.

"There's a lot of people revolving around it, brings a lot of people here. Just today we spent 150 dollars just to come fishing off the bridge. So, I mean it's economy, it's commerce," said one local fisherman.

The winner will get a free entry into a fishing tournament held in Ocean City this summer.