(Washington, D.C.) - An analysis of states based on safety and insurance cost factors shows that Maryland has the safest driving environment for teens.

Getting your license is a rite of passage for teens, but that privilege comes with responsibility. As teens get ready for prom season, CarInsurance.com looked at teen driver safety and insurance costs by state to see which states are the safest for teen drivers.

While Maryland can in first, Virginia ranked seventh and Delaware was twentieth.

This is the second year that CarInsurance.com performed this analysis.

The analysis comes at a time when the latest numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show an increase in the number of teen driver-related fatal accidents.

The 2015 figures show that young drivers were involved in 1,886 fatal accidents. This is a 9 percent jump from 2014 (1,886 vs. 1,723). Teen drivers were also involved in 14 percent more crashes in 2015, according to the NHTSA.

Despite those sobering figures, young driver fatalities are still much lower than a decade ago. The NHTSA said fatal crashes involving young drivers dropped 43 percent from 2006 to 2015. That's an encouraging trend despite the alarming 2015 figures.