(OCEAN CITY, MD.) -The Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) has released their Annual Report for 2016, highlighting a second consecutive year of historic low crime rates. Following a 25-year low in serious crime in 2015, the OCPD experienced an average decrease of 14 percent in 2016 from the previous five years,and a six percent decrease from 2015 in serious criminal offenses.

The report indicates that there were significant decreases in aggravated assaults and thefts.

In addition to a drop in serious crime, the resort also experienced a 10.6 percent decrease in total calls for service, a tell-tale sign that officers and citizens alike are seeing less issues throughout Ocean City. There was also a nearly 18 percent decrease in arrests made by officers, including a nearly 42 percent decrease in drunk driving arrest.

Spokesperson for the Ocean City Police Department Lindsay Richards says, "Whenever we see a decrease in numbers especially after we have come off a 25 year low in crime. I think that is a great thing and something that our residents and our visitors should be proud off."