(BERLIN, Md.) - We're not "kitten" you; cats aren't only great as pets, they're also great as yoga partners.

According to Chrissy Ehrhart, owner and instructor of Zenna Wellness, Kitten Yoga is where cats roam the studio during a yoga session, giving off an equal exchange of energy that is calming for both practitioners and cats.

"It's a way that we do a practice in the room just like any regular old yoga practice would be going through breathing techniques, as well as poses or asanas and a final meditation," said Ehrhart. "And we practice on bringing good energy out there to the animals, practice compassion and kindness, as well as see what animals are drawn to us because of our compassion and kindness."

But that's not all. Ehrhart says Kitten Yoga is also a way to help animals that are without homes.

"Kitten Yoga is actually a fundraiser," said Ehrhart. "It was an idea that was birthed from social media and liked-minded people together that wanted to think of a kind way to help fund-raise for the Worcester County Humane Society."

As a mother of two rescue animals herself, Ehrhart says supporting the Worcester County Humane Society, a no-kill shelter, is something that is very important to her.

"To see the second chance and the love that can be given and given back, it can open up your heart and it can break so many boundaries," said Ehrhart. "It teaches you what love truly is, because it's on an unconditional surface. There's no expectations. You just have to roll with loving the animal for who the animal is and vice versa."

Megan Hines of Berlin says she recently tried kitten yoga for the first time.

"It was little more mellow than I thought," said Hines. "The cats were actually pretty comfortable. I thought they were going to be afraid in a new place, and they weren't. They actually really I think enjoyed it meeting all the new people."

She says although kitten yoga is not as relaxing as a traditional yoga class, it's definitely more fun.

"Cats and yoga, it's a great mix," laughed Hines. "I wanted to watch [the cats] instead of actually focusing on me, but that's OK. It was a good thing."

To learn more about kitten yoga or Zenna Wellness, visit www.zennawellnessyoga.com.