(Salisbury, Md) - Salisbury Mayor Jake Day says effective December 5, 2016 City Administrator Tom Stevenson will take on a new role as the Chief of Operations for the City's Public Works Department. This newly created position was made possible by the upcoming retirement of Deputy Operations Manager, Howard Landon, who served the City for 50 years.

The creation of the Chief of Operations position came about as a result of City introspection. The Mayor, City Administrator, and Public Works Director identified an area of the City government which could be made more effective through the optimization of resource allocation: the day-to-day operations of the Public Works department. The Chief of Operations will be tasked with the oversight of City Public Works crews on a day-to-day basis, as well as the general upkeep and appearance of City streets, streetlights, sidewalks, and the areas of the Wicomico River that are inside City limits. In addition, the Chief of Operations will oversee the daily operation of sanitation services and any other functions based out of the City Service Center.

Tom Stevenson's 28-year career with the City of Salisbury began in Public Works. Tom later went on to become the first Director of the City's Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance division, before being called upon to assume the role of Acting City Administrator, and, ultimately, City Administrator under Mayor James Ireton, Jr. Tom came on board as City Administrator at the dawn of what would prove to be the City's most productive, most successful era in decades.

Serving as Acting City Administrator while a nationwide search is conducted will be Assistant City Administrator, Julia Glanz. During her time as Assistant City Administrator, Julia has managed a variety of large projects which were well beyond the scope of what was expected from previous employees in her position. Julia has been instrumental to keeping the Fire Service Agreement process moving forward, while also helping to improve relations with the County. She has overseen the creation and delivery of the City's CIP and Budget, and served as the Event Producer for the largest New Year's Eve celebration in the City's History, 2016's NYE at Headquarters Live.

"I'm very excited about this transition," said Mayor Day. "First and foremost, I'd like to thank Howard Landon for his service with the City of Salisbury. Howard will be retiring at the end of February after nearly 50 years with us. He has participated in and overseen countless projects over the course of his career. Howard remains, as he has always been, a loyal public servant. I ask that you all join me in wishing him health and happiness in his upcoming retirement.

"We have been preparing for this change for some time. This is something that Tom has sought and that Mike Moulds, Julia Glanz and I have supported, when the right time came. Tom has been an incredible asset to our City as the City Administrator, and he will continue to be as the person directly responsible for making sure the physical infrastructure of our City shines. Julia and Tom have worked almost as Co-City Administrators for the last 12 months and she will have no trouble delivering on all of my - and your - expectations of the chief operating officer of the City. The most important place for Tom's talents right now is in ensuring that our streets, streetlights, sidewalks, sanitation services and river are in their absolute best condition. Tom's talents will provide polish our City deserves and needs in order to shine as brightly as we know it can.

"Thank you for your patience during this transition. Know that the values that I have led by, and that both Tom and Julia share, remain at the fore of how we lead our organization today: customer service, innovation, empathy and teamwork."