(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit than walk through one of Delmarva's most-feared haunted houses?

For those who haven't been through this spooky, state-of-the-art attraction, Haunt Manager Holly Starkey says it usually takes about 15 minutes to walk all the way through. Of course, it could end a lot sooner depending on how fast you run.

"We have someone every night that runs out and has had an accident or something like that," said Holly Starkey, haunt manager of Ocean City Screams. "Just about everybody that leaves is happy and excited and panicked."

OC Screams first opened its doors in May 2016. Normally a seasonal attraction, Starkey says this is the first time the production company has kept a haunted house open all summer. She says since they first opened, the response has been very positive with anywhere between 200 to 400 guests every night.

"We do a little bit of everything. We try to touch on a little bit of everybody's fears. Each different character has their own depiction of how they do that," said Starkey.

Starkey says what sets them apart from other haunted houses is their high regard for customer experience.

"A lot of work has been put into our haunt," said Starkey. "It's taken a small village to make this happen. [It took] about two years' worth of planning and putting everything together. Between the animatronics, the props, the live actors and the out-of-this-world sets, it really brings everything together."

After Halloween, OC Screams will close its doors for the rest of the year; but folks can look forward to coming back again next Memorial Day weekend.

"You kind of wait for this moment all year," said Starkey. "Halloween is the best holiday of the year. We really look forward to this, and everybody's in the spirit."

If you decide to brave through OC Screams this weekend, you may just run into a real ghost.

"We believe that we may have an unpaid resident ghost here," said Starkey. "This building is very old. It was an old night club, it was also an old pool hall."

Starkey says there have been times where both staff and guests experienced ghost-like interactions.

"We've all experienced it at some point, either a random something whispering in your ear, or grabbing your ankles or even grabbing your hand," said Starkey. "We've had a couple experiences where guests have said something grabbed their ankles, but it's not us, because we don't touch our guests."