(Salisbury, Del.) - Doors opened at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center for early voting. Hundreds of people lined up to cast their ballot for the presidential election.

Board of Elections Chief Judge Jill Dennis was at the voting center to help. "The board of elections did a great job on communicating that the early voting was available this week and people are taking that opportunity to come out early."

The voter turn-out was more then expected says Dr. Vitus Ozoke, "It suggest to me that people are actually paying attention and they want to make sure that this moment is not lost."

Early Voting is not offered in Delaware nor Virginia but University of Alabama student Walker Skeeter says, "I'm leaving on Monday and kind of busy everyday up until then, except for right now. So this is the best opportunity for me to come out. "

Maryland for the first time is offering same-day registration. Meaning you can register then vote right after. Dennis says, "This is the first year we are having the same day registration. We did this also for the primary and that has been a great opportunity for people to come here instead of trying to find the board of elections office."

Dr. Ozoke thinks other states should do this as well. "I think it is a good policy direction. It encourages people to actually participate in the electoral process."

Early voting continues through November 3rd.