(SALISBURY, Md.) - It was a dog-meet-dog kind of day at the Salisbury Kennel Club for the annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day.

Don Ashe and wife Dorothy co-chair the event that was held Saturday, Aug. 27 and told WRDE all about why it's held.

"To show how you can have fun with your dog and have responsible dog owners. We're demonstrating rally. We're showing dancing with your dog, agility, and obedience," said Ashe.

The event invites owners to challenge their pups in different training courses, have a few snacks, and mingle with other dogs.

"What we're trying to do is demonstrate some of the things we off classes for," Ashe said.

Responsible Dog Owners Day raises money for local police k-9 units that need protective equipment, as well as fire companies that need extra oxygen masks for dogs who are rescued from fires.

"I love the kennel club as a whole," said Dorothy. "There's a whole wonderful comradeship among the membership. Everyone comes out and helps."

All kinds of breeds are welcome at the event just as long as they're friendly and have their required shots.

WRDE caught up with a man and his Chesapeake Bay retriever dog who came all the way from Talbot County.

"It's a native American breed. It's the Maryland state dog. He's our third generation so we started with his grandparents, so we have his mother," he said.

Horowitz said by welcoming all breeds to Responsible Dog Owners Day - people can better understand a misunderstood dog breed.

"It's a good opportunity to expose the breed demi to people," said Horowitz, a lot of people have kind of a bad perception of Chesapeakes because they used to be a lot more aggressive than they are now. Breeders have done a lot to stabilize the temperament and to kind of tone down the protectiveness so that they tend to be more protective in appropriate in situations but not all situations."