(DORCHESTER COUNTY, Md.)- On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, the Judy Center hosted a Pre-K and Kindergarten Math Night at Sandy Hill Elementary for parents, daycare providers, and Head Start staff serving the Sandy Hill district.

Following a delicious buffet dinner and fellowship among participants, the Sandy Hill early childhood teachers provided attendees an overview of the Common Core math standards for Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten math standards, and hands-on activities and songs that teachers and parents can use to support students at home and in their classrooms.

Participants rotated among seven stations, including Number Writing, Geometry, Decomposing, Measurement, Classifying Objects, Counting Sets, and Subtilizing/Math Facts, using Play-Doh to make shapes, shaving cream to write numbers, and pasta and cereal to count and sort objects.

To culminate the evening, participants received a goodie bag from the Judy Center filled with books, songs, activities, and supplies to support math instruction at home and in the classroom in fun, engaging ways, appropriate for early learners.

The Judy Center partnership with Sandy Hill Elementary provides a central location for early childhood education and support services for children from birth through Kindergarten and their families in the Sandy Hill community.