(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - Construction crews are working against inclement weather around the clock to finish road work in Ocean City before the summer season officially kicks off for the town this month.

A major paving project on Coastal Highway is almost finished but before the orange construction signs are put away, Mother Nature needs to take a day or two off since the rain isn't helping to speed up the process.

"I can't imagine what folks are going to have to deal with next week with Springfest," said Cheryl Dorman of Baltimore who owns an RV in Ocean City.

"Yesterday when we got down here we took a drive into Ocean City down to the Inlet area and it was horrible coming back," Dorman said about the one-lane northbound traffic on Coastal Highway Saturday.

Work crews have extended paving days to Saturdays to meet the Memorial Day deadline sooner. More rain is in the forecast for the first week of May, so it is possible that drivers coming in for the town's Springfest event May 5-8 will be hit with traffic jams if the roads aren't finished by then.

Canadian visitors Jerry and Sue Miall say just in the last two days they've noticed a lot of paving progress.

"We came in Friday afternoon and they were paving," said Jerry Miall. "Since that time, we're impressed by how much they have done in that time."

Even if there is a bit of traffic, Sue Miall chalks it up to being part of the beach resort experience. But people like Dorman said they would rather stay home.

"We're planning on coming back down in two weekends. Hopefully they can have it done by then. I won't venture down into ocean city because the traffic is just horrendous," she said.