(HURLOCK, Md.) - A Hurlock town council member wants more resources poured into the community to encourage young black men following the shooting death of a man Friday afternoon.

Bishop Charles Cephas told WRDE Saturday morning that a lack of local jobs, resources and hope that is increasing the amount of violence in Hurlock.

Friday afternoon at around 2:30 p.m., 45-year old Frank Cain, Jr. was shot at least twice in front of the Prospect Heights apartments by who witnesses and police identified as 33-year old Brandon Milton.

Maryland State Police said as of Saturday Milton is still at large.

Cephas said both men are good people.

"Both young men were nice young men," he said, "they're not bad or gangster-types. They're respectful."

Cephas mentioned heroin and other drugs circulated in the neighborhood may have had something to do with the shooting. The bishop said he last saw Cain, a day before his death, at his home where Cain asked the bishop to pray for him.

"Young African American men - they're angry! While we don't want to look at that, they're angry, disappointed, heartbroken and in many times looking for a friend," said Cephas.

Cephas told WRDE's Nicole Edenedo about the systemic trends he sees in low-income black communities plagued with poverty, joblessness, recidivism and violence that stems from a lack of resources and education.

A vicious cycle, he said, that happens not just in Hurlock but in communities around the country.

"I'm disappointed with our efforts as a community and as leaders not to have done more to save both young men," said Cephas.

Milton is facing first and second-degree murder charges.

On Saturday WRDE spoke to Hurlock resident Betty Warner, a Jehovas Witness who was in the Prospect Heights neighborhood Friday afternoon spreading a message of hope.

"When a person has hope, then they have a reason to reach out and improve their lives," said Warner.