(BERLIN, Md.) - What's a Donald Trump rally without at least one loud protest? That's exactly what happened Wednesday night when Republican front-runner Donald Trump appeared at Stephen Decatur High School.

While "YUGE" excitement filled the crowds inside, animosity filled the air outside as loud chants and insults were exchanged between protesters and Trump supporters. Protesters were heard chanting "Hey-hey, ho-ho, racist Trump has got to go," while Trump supporters were just as easily chanting back "Get-a-job!" and "All lives matter!"

When asked what supporters liked most about Trump, many of them said they admire his honesty and the fact that he's not your typical politician.

"Trump's the only realistic candidate that I think will actually do any possible change to this country, and I think that's what we need," shouted one Trump supporter.

Donna Jones, of Cambridge, Maryland, says Wednesday's rally was the best thing that's happened in Worcester County since she can remember.

"There are a lot of people here who support Trump, because he's going to shake up Washington and people are tired of how it's been," said Jones.

Due to an overwhelming turnout, not everyone with tickets were able to get inside. Greta Butts says she hoped to avoid this problem when she arrived seven hours early to be first in line. When asked how she felt about the nation-wide protests, Butts says she only asks protesters for one thing - to give Trump a chance.

"Everybody else gets a chance, why is he so different? He's different because he's to the point, that's why," said Butts. "And we need somebody like that. The protesters need to just leave him alone."

Jenna Pratt of Ellicott City, Maryland, says she tries to stay out of all the drama.

"I don't want to get into any fights with anyone, because I feel people don't listen to the real issues, and I think social media is a big downfall in our society," said Pratt. "[Protesters] just need to get educated and stop listening to the media."

Knowing it could get ugly at any moment, many local and state police stood visibly present between both groups; however, one protester claims not all policemen were acting justly.

"The Sheriff and his department were slapping backs with the Republican side and threatened me personally," said Holden Becker, of Berlin. "Someone even got [the threat] on tape to arrest me."

Watching from afar, another protester described the atmosphere outside as "terrifying" and "aggressive."

According to Donald Trump's website, his next rally takes place Thursday, April 21 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, followed up with a rally in Harrington, Delaware on Friday, April 22.