(OCEAN CITY, Md.) - Plenty of Donald Trump supporters in Maryland and in Delaware are excited to see the Republican presidential candidate in person.

Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Trump will host a rally at Stephen Decatur High School in Berlin. The event will be held in the gym.

School officials said Tuesday the gym can hold roughly 980 people, but people can also watch from the cafeteria and the auditorium. Altogether the school said about 3,000 people will be able to fit inside the designated areas at Stephen Decatur.

A Trump supporter stationed himself alongside Coastal Highway in Rehoboth Beach Tuesday afternoon, holding a sign that read, "Vote Trump 2016."

"That's why I'm out here rallying, "said Michael Doland of Rehoboth Beach.

"I do this on my own. I tell everybody though Trump's not paying me enough," Doland said jokingly, "you know he needs to give me a little overtime or something."

Following Monday night's rally in Buffalo where Trump mistakenly referred to the 9/11 terrorist attacks as "7/11," the name of the convenience store franchise, many still believe Trump is the best candidate for president.

Two best friends WRDE spoke to in Ocean City don't even try to talk politics since one supports Trump and the other Bernie Sanders.

"I'm not a big supporter of Donald Trump, said Kim Asbury of Summersville, West Virginia. "I kind of like Bernie Sanders. He's for the people and I feel that he's a good candidate."

Asbury's friend Reyna Tyree said she's all about "the Donald."

"He makes more sense than the rest of them," said Tyree, "he honestly makes more sense as far as putting the people back to work and [it's] not like we have much to go on. We got Donald Trump."

Trump's visit comes on the heels of the Maryland primaries next Tuesday, Apr. 26.