(BERLIN, Md.)- An online petition circulating today is asking for the school district to cancel Wednesday's Donald Trump rally.

The petitioners are calling for the Worcester County School District to cancel the rally planned for Stephen Decatur High School Wednesday, at 7 p.m.

As of Tuesday, April 19, at 12:56 a.m., there have been 441 signatures.

The online petition states:

"We the undersigned agree that a public school is no place for the kinds of hateful and intolerant rhetoric Donald Trump's campaign promotes. We also agree that bringing Donald Trump's divisive message to Stephen Decatur fosters an environment of danger and controversy that will disrupt the learning process.

Allowing Trump to use Stephen Decatur High School as a tool to broadcast his divisive message stands against the principles Stephen Decatur High School expects it's students, teachers, and staff to adhere to every day.

Sign our petition below to ask that Wednesday's planned rally with Donald Trump be canceled. Let's let Donald Trump take his bigoted message elsewhere. Let's show that that his message is not welcome here."