(Berlin, Md.) - Police were on site at Stephen Decatur high school where another bomb threat was received shortly before 10:00am this morning January 19, 2016.

K-9 units were used to search the buildings and to inspect vehicles in the parking lot.

All children and staff were safely evacuated. School resumed a short time later after authorities deemed the building safe.

WRDE spoke with a few people who are frustrated with the string of bomb threats. They believe authorities have the ability to catch the perpetrators. Kyle Donaway of Berlin said "These phone calls, the cops should be able to trace them, I mean even if it's coming from a laptop or a cellphone or any other type of device, the cops have it where they can trace it."

Another issue related to the bomb threats is whether or not students, whose parents decide to keep them home, will be granted excused absences.

An online petition to raise awareness and encourage the school board to grant excused absences has received more than twelve hundred signatures.

Joe Richardson of Berlin tells WRDE "They should allow the excused absences. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't allow it."

Repeated bomb threats are also detrimental to local businesses. Richardson has left work 3 times in the last 2 weeks to pick up his children after a bomb threat. He says "It's a disruption to our business. It hurts all the employees here."