(SNOW HILL, Md.)- The National Weather Service is calling for a winter storm beginning early Friday through Saturday night, with snow, high winds of up to 50 miles per hour, and the potential for coastal flooding for the Lower Eastern Shore. Worcester County Emergency Services (WCES) urges residents to prepare now for severe weather.

* Secure all loose objects that are stored outside your home

* Be prepared for possible power outages

* Check supplies of food, water, batteries, baby foods and medicines

* Check battery powered radios and continue to monitor weather forecasts

Hypothermia can occur quickly when exposed to low temperatures. Bundle up if headed outdoors during the storm. Wear layers of lightweight clothing that can be added to or removed as needed, and protect extremities by wearing gloves and hats. Be sure to protect pets from the cold as well by bringing them indoors and assuring they have access to unfrozen water.