(POCOMOKE CITY, Va) - Christy Cox live along the Pocomoke River and shared her story after witnessing the women's body be pulled from the Pocomoke River.

"At first it was just really alarming," Cox said. "Nobody knew what was going on.

She lives in a house near the docks. As soon as she saw paramedics rush to the scene. She conducted her own investigation.

"I came out to see what was going on," Cox said. "They pulled the body up on the second dock. I saw the back of the woman's head. Her clothes were still in tact from what I could see."

Pocomoke City Police are still piecing together clues to find out what happened. Cox said she has lived on the Pocomoke River for more than 20 years. She described the color as dark and murky.

"You can't see very far down," Cox said. "You don't realize how deep it is because the water is so dark. I wouldn't even go in this water without a life vest on."

The Pocomoke River is one of the deepest rivers for it's width. The caution signs that line the area show the danger lying within.

"I've never had this happen in my 23 year of living here," Cox said. "It was definitely shocking. I think everyone around here felt that way."

Right now police have very few details to share about the body. The investigation is ongoing.