(OCEAN PINES, Md)- The Ocean Pines community has had a large influx of geese move in over the past year.

The area is currently filled with Canada geese in the midst of their migration but there are a lot of non-migratory geese that have remained.

The Ocean Pines Association is concerned about the birds impact on their water quality.

Last fall the association took preventative measures to deter the geese from remaining in the community.

Ocean Pines resident and environmental health community nurse, Ginna Cook, lives right along one of the ponds.

She said the geese do not bother her at all.

In fact, Cook said the preventative measures the Ocean Pines Association has taken to get rid of the geese are unnecessary and poor for the environment.

"As far as the environmental effects of a lot of geese in the area, they're natural."

She continued, "when you hear of environmental effects of feces contaminating the water, they are in a pond- a holding pond. The biggest concern of contaminating the underground water from runoff is not from the geese, it can be from fertilizers and from the chemicals they are putting on the ground to keep the geese out."