OCEAN CITY, Md.- Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan describes the weather initiatives this weekend as a 'team effort.'

"Safety is the number one concern," Meehan said. "We have our emergency crew on call, and everyone is working together to keep our streets safe."

Flooding in Ocean City today caused traffic jams and car trouble today as water was multiple feet high in some spots. Emergency services director Joe Theobalt said they are open all weekend working to take calls.

"We will get through this together," Theobalt said. "The sun will shine again after this weekend."

City Engineer Terry McGean said they are prepared for beach replenishment after four days of wind and rain.

"When you have multiple days of high tides that's when you can lose beach,"

The sand moves and causes beach erosion."

He said the dunes in place are made to help as much as possible. Hurricane Sandy required $10 million in funds for beach construction. Officials are hoping this weekend is not a sequel.

Delmarva Power took what they call a proactive approach. They cut off power South of N. Division St. and Baltimore Ave. as a safety precaution.

Ocean City will have updates on their website and twitter about power outages throughout the weekend.