(OCEAN CITY) - New bikes routes will pave the way for a safer environment for cyclists in Ocean City.

The new routes are expected to be done in phases with the first phase, downtown, being completed by the summer of 2016.

"The goal is to have dedicated bike routes in the downtown, midtown and uptown areas. While it has not yet been determined, the preliminary map for the downtown circuit will loop from Somerset Street to 17th Street, on the east side of Coastal Highway and St. Louis Avenue,"explained Jessica Waters, Communications Manager for the town of Ocean City.

Right now cyclists don't feel safe having to share the road with cars and buses.

"I kind of feel scared that I'm actually going to get hit by a car. I guess you just have to be really, really careful,"said Alyssa Harmke of Fenwick Island.

All of the cyclists WRDE spoke with were supportive of the idea of a new bike route.

"Defintely! Big time! Especially since I live around here and I rise my bike basically all summer because I don't have my license yet. So it would definitely be a help and I feel like it would be a lot safer too because a lot of people ride their bikes around here,"explained Maggie Bunting of Fenwick Island.

According to the Ocean City Police Department at this point last year, 15 bicycle collisions had already occurred. The statistics for bicycle collisions for the past four years were:

-2012: 20 total collisions, 1 fatal

-2013: 19 total collisions, 0 fatal

-2014: 31 total collisions, 0 fatal

-2015: 1 total collision so far, 0 fatal

The OCPD credits the promotion of bicycle safety for the drastic decrease in collisions thus far.