(OCEAN CITY, Md.)- Ocean City Beach Patrol tell WRDE they have had to clear the beach on several occasions because of shark sightings along the Ocean City coastline Thursday morning and afternoon.

A sergeant told WRDE, "the beach is cleared and not closed, meaning folks can go on to the beach but not in the water."

This is due to the recent shark sightings both Thursday and Wednesday.

OCBP says the entire shoreline isn't cleared just the session where the shark is spotted, and say the clearing of the water usually last for 30 to 60 minutes.

A shark was sighted near 30th Street and have traveled south toward the O.C. Inlet, according to Beach Patrol.

Some vacationers got to take a selfie with a dead Hammerhead shark that washed up Monday in Ocean City.

Locals say they think the shark died after giving birth to 20 pups and believe it got stuck on the shore for too long.

Ocean City Beach Patrol tells WRDE hammerheads look more terrifying then they are, and vacationers should be more concerned with rip tide currents and sand hole collapses.

They say they are well prepared for dangerous situations.