(OCEAN CITY) - The annual Ocean City Fireman Parade lined the streets of Baltimore Avenue today.

The parade drew people young and old to come out and appreciate the hard work of our firefighters.

Kids were excited to see firetrucks of all sizes parade between 16th and 30th streets.

Different volunteer fire stations set-up site on the road with tents, drinks and BBQ foo

A volunteer fire station from Pennsylvania make the parade an annual traditions for friends to get together and have a good time.

"It's turned out to be real great day to celebrate the day of the volunteer fire departments. Many of the departments volunteer, even in Maryland, so it's a great time to come out, have some good food, enjoy some fellowship and kick back and relax," said Curtis Hall, Fire Chief of New Kingstown, PA.

Despite most people coming out to see the fire trucks, they also get are treated with appearances by Smokey the Bear and even Santa Claus.

Most people come to see the fire trucks, but they are also treated with appearances by Smokey the Bear and even Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Many majorette teams take part in the parade, the Silv

The Silver Starlettes are among several majorettes teams that participate in the parade to honor all that the firefighters do.

"We're here to show respect for the firemen for all the fire protection and security they give us at our homes. This is our way to show thank you to them," explained Rocky Willis, director of the Silver Starlettes.

The parade drew hundreds of people to the streets of Ocean City.

The Fireman's Parade is just one of the highlights of this year's 123rd Annual Fire Convention.