(OCEAN CITY, Md.)-The controversial and unofficial H2O International car rally has now been rescheduled for a later date.

"They race up and down the highway," explained Cab Driver, John Biafore. "They cause major traffic. Please keep them out of our town, Ocean City. They are dangerous."

The event was originally scheduled to take place at the same time as the resort town's famous Sunfest.

Sunfest is both Ocean City and Maryland's largest festival.

"Well when there's two large events going on in such a small town at the same exact time it can cause all kinds of problems," said Lindsay Richard of the Ocean City Police Department.

The two-day rally is normally held at Fort Whaley where approximately 800 to 1,000 cars register to be shown.

However, the event draws thousands of spectators to Ocean City who have been known to form rowdy crowds and leave behind trash.

"It's a small percentage of the people or the participants that cause a problem," explained Ocean City Mayor, Richard Meehand. "It's not the event itself it's those that come along with the event."

According to police data, during H2O International last year, 57 people were arrested.

That's the most out of all the auto-appreciation events held in Ocean City.

Jay Shoup announced via social media, the annual rally will now be taking place the weekend of October 3rd.