(Baltimore, Md)- Peregrine Falcons almost went extinct in North America in the 1970's, but since then they have been recovering.

The city of Baltimore has worked with five other foundations to make a falcon cam possible.

This falcon cam streams live to the Chesapeake Conservancy's website, so you can watch the birds come in and out from there nest on top of the 100 Light Street building in Baltimore.

According to Chesapeake Conservancy, The Peregrine Falcons are considered to be some of the fastest birds in the world traveling at over 200 miles per hour, and have now rebounded back to a sustainable population.

The last step to sustaining the population will be to ensure river corridors stay protected so that the falcons prey are abundant as well.

If you would like to watch the falcons yourself you can log on to: http://www.chesapeakeconservancy.org/peregrine-falcon-webcam