(PRINCESS ANNE, Md.)- A video posted to Facebook of a 6-year-old girl explaining to her mother what she learned in school goes viral. The video now has more than 16,000 views and 600 shares.

"She said, 'mommy, why do black kids go to a different place than white skin kids?'" said Amanda Furniss, mother. "I asked her what she was talking about and she told me how her teacher said brown skin kids go to a hot place and white skin kids stay here. I took out my phone and started recording her."

School officials say, it was a misunderstanding by the child of the school's Black History month curriculum.

"We had a classroom teach who has been following the standards that have been established," said John Gaddis, Somerset County School District Superintendent. "And one of the standards deals with identifying the controbutions of people past and present, such as George Washington, Rosa Parks, and the current president."

Furniss now questions the curriculum being taught in Princess Anne Elementary. She wonders why kindergarteners are being taught about Black History month.

"How is she gonna comprehend that this lady named Rosa Parks was sitting on the bus," said Furniss. "And this happened and this happened. I think that's alot for a 6-year old to comprehend."

The Somerset County School District curriculum is approved by the state of Maryland. The district has no plans to change the current curriculum.

"Absolutely not, in fact the standard that we are addressing is an appropriate standard that's been adopted by the state of Maryland," said Gaddis. "And I think it's key that we celebrate black hisotry month, which this lesson was part of that."

School officials say, if anyone is having a problem in school or with a teacher they should go straight to the principal.