(ANNAPOLIS, Md.)- The soaring increase of heroin-related deadly overdoses in Maryland has Governor Larry Hogan on high alert. At a Tuesday speaking engagement, in an emotional speech, Logan demanded a major response on multiple fronts.

Hogan said he lost a cousin to a heroin overdose a few years ago. He went on to say while on the campaign trail, many people across the state echoed the seriousness of the heroin epidemic.

So, Gov. Hogan has assembled a council and a separate task force, which will be headed up by Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford.

The governor has allotted $500,000 of a federal grant to expanding "re-entry programs" that help inmates, who are leaving prison, to stay off heroin.

In addition, Kaleo has donated about 5,000 doses of an overdose antidote for heroin to Maryland.