(OCEAN CITY, Md.)- WRDE has been told three people have been taken to hospital as a "precautionary measure" including two firefighter.

"There were no flames that you could really see, but there was incredible thick black smoke coming out the top floor of the building and it was coming out at incredible volumes," explained Ocean City Resident, Alex Pela.

Smoke is seen billowing from De Lazy Lizard. The blaze happened on Tuesday, February 10, around 9:51 a.m. Ocean City Communications received a call for a fire at Lazy Lizard Brew Pub.

Alex Pela lives right next door, and he saw firefighters rescue two people who had been trapped inside.

"The fire went quickly to three alarms and the building was occupied at the time of the fire," said Ocean City Fire Department Spokesman, Steve Price.

Ocean City Fire Department personnel responded to the scene, which is located at 25 North Philadelphia Avenue, and found fire coming from the building's interior.

"My hard work literally went up in flames and smoke," said Lazy Lizard Employee, Kevin Hall.

Hall has been working at the Lazy Lizard since the brew pub opened six years ago.

He was in charge of renovating the entire building.

"Quite a shock to come out and see all this smoke," continued Hall.

Arriving units were advised that people were trapped in the building, resulting in two immediate rescues. Fire Department personnel battled the fire, which escalated to a third alarm, for over two hours.

Shortly after noon, the fire department had the fire under control. Assisting the OCFD with the call were units from Berlin, Bethany Beach, Showell, Ocean Pines and Roxana.

Additional fire department personnel from mutual agencies also assisted with calls in the district during the incident.

Three victims were treated on scene for non-life threatening injuries and later transported to area hospitals, including two members of the Ocean City Fire Department. One additional patient was treated and released on the scene. The initial damage assessment indicates that the majority of the fire damage was on the third floor.

There are reports that someone was trapped inside.

People are being asked to avoid the downtown area near 1st and Philadelphia in Ocean City.

Maryland State Highway Administration says the Route 50 bridge was shutdown due to smoke.

de Lazy Lizard is known for brewing its own beer. The Worcester County's Board of License Commissioners fined de Lazy Lizard $3,000 and suspended its alcohol privileges until May 26, 2015 after a couple of license violations, according to county leaders.

The Ocean City Fire Marshal's Office, with assistance from the Worcester County Fire Marshal's Office, is currently investigating the cause of the fire, which is unknown at this time.

Anyone with information regarding the fire is asked to contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 410.289.8780.