GEORGETOWN, Del.- Plans to improve and move Georgetown's truck route are moving forward.

On Tuesday, the Delaware Department of Transportation hosted a public workshop to showcase the agency's plans to relocate Park Avenue, which currently is the alternate truck route connecting Routes 113 and Nine. DelDOT wants to add a roundabout to Arrow Safety Road (which one drives past to get to Park Avenue) and physically move Park Avenue as well.

State Senator Brian Pettyjohn says moving the road will allow for the Delaware Coastal Airport runway to expand by 500 feet, which will allow for larger aircraft to be worked on at Aloft. Pettyjohn says that, and the planned improvements, will be good for the economy and the safety.

"Park Avenue right now is being used a whole lot more than it has been in the past," he explains. "So doing these design changes, doing these engineering changes making the roadway wider [...] it is going to be a significant safety improvement."

Project Manager Ed Robles says public input is key in proceeding.

"They get to see what we've been working on this whole time," he says. "They can point things out that maybe we haven't seen before so that's what it's for."

Construction on Phase One is slated to begin in 2021, with land acquisition beginning well beforehand.

Public comments can be mailed to DelDOT Community Relations, P.O. Box 778, Dover, DE 19903 or sent via email to