LEWES, Del.- Parts of Lewes are looking very patriotic-- and for good reason.

The Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary Club's annual Flags for Heroes program kicked off Thursday with an opening ceremony. Each flag has someone's name on a medallion, nominated by a friend or peer. At the end of the event, the nominator gets to keep that medal.

The Rotary Club says heroes come in many different forms-- and all are honored on the flags.

"We think about heroes and we think about first responders and active duty military, but heroes are our teachers, heroes are doctors, they are moms and dads," Nitan Soni explains. "So this is just a way to be able to bring light to those people and the impact that they've had in our lives."

Soni says the Flags for Heroes program raises about $40,000 for the Rotary Club, and that money goes right back into the community.

"We get it and there are applications submitted to our club for local charities, local organizations that are looking for some help," he explains.

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