REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- Swimmers in Sussex County may be sharing the ocean with a 533-pound Great White Shark.

According to OCEARCH, the shark named "Cabot" was last picked up off the Delaware Bay. The organization's online tracker shows Cabot's most recent location as off the coastline between Rehoboth and Bethany.

Rehoboth Beach Patrol Captain Kent Buckson says although swimmers are much more at risk of unseen dangers like rip currents or jetties, the beach patrol still takes the threat of sharks seriously.

"My first reaction is concern. Where was it spotted? Is it something that's being tracked," he says. "We tend to use that information and kind of plan our day. If we spot a shark in the water line near people, we will clear the ocean immediately and err on the side of caution."

Many beachgoers tell WRDE they still plan to hit the waves, especially as Cabot may already be south of Sussex County. His last ping was on Tuesday.

"I definitely run that risk of jumping in their territory but I have a lot of respect for them," says surf instructor Laurel Harrington. "I think that they honestly don't want any part of us. Mistakes happen. Accidents happen."

University of Delaware Assistant Professor Andrew Carlisle says sharks swimming in Delawarean waters isn't new, but the ability to track them is, making it appear as if more are visiting the First State.

"The reality is that these animals are moving around the ocean, doing what they're doing for a long, long time," he says. "The only thing that's changed is we are able to see them now for the first time, which is really cool."

To track Cabot's journey, click here.