Dover - NASCAR racing at Dover International Speedway is officially recognized as being a part of Delaware history. This morning, near the Miles The Monster statue, Governor John Carney and several other dignitaries unveiled a historic marker that is part of the speedway's 50th anniversary celebration of the track's first NASCAR race.

"It is a landmark of 50 years of racing," Carney told WRDE "Richard Petty won the first NASCAR race here, the Mason / Dixon 300, and we have had race after race in the subsequent years."

NASCAR's Vice Chairman Mike Helton was one those who spoke during the event. Helton read a letter from Chairman Jim France, "The Monster Mile has become an iconic facility with a reputation for tough racing that always has brought out the best in our drivers and teams."

Sunday will be the 99th NASCAR Cup race at Dover. According to the speedway, the two race weekends have an annual economic impact of 94 million dollars for Delaware.

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