Rehoboth Beach - "Keep DE Litter Free" is the phrase that will appear on roadway signs and media outlets in Delaware. It was rolled-out today at an event at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand as part of the state's new anti-littering campaign. According to a DELDOT study of last year, the amount of trash being discarded from vehicles resulted in nearly 35,000 garbage bags being filled with litter collected off of roads in the First State.

"It is unacceptable to roll the window down in your car and throw your trash out," Governor John Carney told WRDE. "Somebody else has to pick it up and we want to keep our roadways clean and beautiful." Carney spoke at the event and has made combating litter part of his agenda.

Part of the initiative is promoting awareness of the issue through the signs with the Keep DE Litter Free slogan. In addition, it is hoped that community groups will be motivated to assist in the clean-up of roads and beaches. One of those groups was in attendance, the fourth and fifth graders from Rehoboth Elementary. "They give up recess time in order to recycle paper throughout the school," Fifth Grade Teacher Jacquie Kisel said of the students who were referred to as the Green Team.